How often do you clean the windows?

I clean on a 6/12 weekly schedule and this is normally kept to although as a sole trader various things can affect this however if there is a longer delay for any reason I will let you know. Otherwise feel free to enquire anytime as to when your next clean is booked

How do I know when the clean is due?

I send reminder texts the afternoon before to let you know I’ll be round your way the next day and another text confirming the windows have been cleaned on the day

What do I need to do?

Generally all that’s required from yourself is to make sure access is possible and that windows are closed on the day of the clean.  Then once cleaned, make a prompt payment online or leave the cash out in a safe place. If you need a precise time of when I will arrive then please just give me a text

What is cleaned on each visit?

Your glass panes, window frames, sill and front door are included as standard on each clean, extra bits and bobs can be added feel free to enquire anytime as if I can reach it with the brush I can probably clean it

How do I pay you?

Ace Windows accepts many forms of payment, Cash/Cheques/Online bank payments/Standing orders & even Bitcoin payments!

What if I need to stop the window cleaning?

Yes there are no written contracts with me, you can stop the window cleaning anytime I just ask that you speak to me first and if there is any issue with the service, you allow me to try and rectify it

What if it’s raining?

I clean using the pure water fed pole and brush, this means as there are no chemicals or detergent in use, windows can be cleaned in all but the worst of weathers, rainwater is in fact almost as pure as the water I use so it does not affect the clean

Why is the first clean more expensive?

On a first clean it is important to do an excellent job as this will impact all the cleans going forward and there will also be far more dirt to begin with, therefore it is more labour and time intensive and naturally I need to charge more in this case

Can I skip a clean / The windows don’t need it this time

As a window cleaner it’s my job to keep your windows clean. This means working to a schedule and performing maintenance cleans before the windows become dirty again. It is not possible to perform maintenance cleans without keeping to a regular schedule therefore if you would prefer to only have the windows cleaned when they’re already dirty then I offer one off / as & when cleans as well but naturally this will be more expensive  

How does it work?

I clean using a water-fed pole and a glass cleaning brush. This means I carry a tank of 100% purified water on board my van; this water has been thoroughly distilled to remove all contaminates and particulates specifically for cleaning work. This is pumped through a hose and out the end of the pole onto your windows where alongside a good scrub with the brush to dislodge any dirt, it will quickly and efficiently work its way into every nook and cranny, thoroughly cleaning the glass and frames. Because the water has had all impurities removed it will dry spotless with no water marks left behind on the glass whatsoever. No chemicals or detergents are necessary making this a very safe, effective and eco-friendly method for the modern window cleaner

Why don’t you need to squeegee the glass at the end?

I use pure water and a brush for my work and as such there is no need to squeegee the glass off as the droplets left behind will evaporate leaving no residue or water marks. See the answer for how does it work for more information

You missed out one of the windows / the glass was not as clean as usual

If at any time you are unsatisfied with the standard of the windows post clean then don’t hesitate to let me know, usually its possible for me to return the next day and re do any windows that need it free of charge